The Evolution of Lottery Scratch Cards From Cardboard to Sophisticated Online Games

We all remember waiting in line in our local kiosk while someone was trying to decide what scratch card to buy and asking the shopkeeper to give them one from the middle and not the top.

Those days are long gone and not because state-lotteries no longer offer scratch cards, but rather because the offering of online instant win games has improved and developed to a blooming industry in a short period of time.

Most of us will no longer be tempted by small cardboard cards with scratch off boxes that make a small mess when scratched and offer low rewards and bad odds to players.

The online revolution has happened and for those still hesitating here are a few key reasons why online scratch cards are so superior to what is offered offline:

The first most notable advantage is being able to play from the comfort of your home without having to exit your house or office in the blistering cold or unbearable heat in order to purchase scratchies.

You can play them online from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else where you have fast internet access. Many instant win games are also available via your mobile phone so you are not even dependent on having your laptop and a wireless connection in order to play.

You can play while riding a train or bus to work, situs judi slot gacor terpercaya waiting for a doctor’s appointment or a friend who is running late for your coffee date or drinking session.

The second reason that provides an advantage is the immense selection of different scratch cards and instant win games offered online today.

There is every type of game imaginable available to players from traditional scratch cards where players need to match three symbols in order to win, all the way to more sophisticated instant win games offering several games in one ticket and slots themed games providing gamblers with the best of both worlds.

Another key advantage is the significantly better odds offered online and those are reflected in the fact that one out of every three cards is a winner and also by the overall odds offered.

While offline scratchies are printed in limited numbers and players have no way of knowing which prizes were already won, so by the time they purchase their scratch ticket there is the possibility that all the main prizes were already won.

The number of games generated online is essentially infinite o players are always in with a chance of hitting the big jackpot.

However, all these great advantages pale by comparison to the number one advantage offered to players who play online and that is the wide availability of free online scratch cards.

This advantage is one that appeals to new players and seasoned players alike. No matter if you are rich or poor, successful at what you do or currently unemployed, very few of us can honestly say we do not like free stuff.

Virtually every online brand offers either free cash to new players that they can use for playing the brand’s scratch cards or gives them free tickets to many of their games so they can sample them and the best thing is anything the player wins, they can keep.


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