The Top Surf Trip Destinations for Beginners (And When to Go)

Hawaii, USA

Most of the surf trip destinations available online are hard to categorize whether they are appropriate for those who have just realized their interest in surfing. If you are a beginner, it is important to make sure that you know where to go during the best times of the year to fully enjoy the experience.

We compiled the best spots in popular corners of the world for beginners like you to sharpen your surfing skills and have fun!

Bali, Indonesia

Kuta Beach

This spot is the most popular (and crowded) surfing destination in Bali. Beach breaks are the type of waves found in Kuta Beach. The conditions in the area pretty much change often, so you will enjoy surfing on gentle, long, and lively waves. Because of that, you can learn to read them, too!

Padang Padang Surf Camp

Padang Padang Rights, also known as Baby Padang, is where most people take their first step to learn how to surf due to its soft reef breaks. You can progress your skills, ride the green waves, and paddle easily back to the line up from the left or right.


If you are looking for a place to surf but also relax and socialize, Dreamland is the ideal destination to go. It is a picturesque beach where you can ride beach breaks.

When is the best time to go surfing in Bali? Take note that Indonesia has a dry and rainy season. It is common knowledge that the best month to visit in July. Plan your trip between June and September to enjoy the cool wind and bright, clear skies as your surf.

Hawaii, USA

Populars, (Waikiki O’ahu, South Shore)

For beginners to intermediate surfers, this spot is the most ideal due to its easy and kind waves, which are waist to shoulder-high. This place is very relaxing where you can ride the beach breaks with friendly locals and visitors. Bring your longboards and surf any time throughout the year!

The Cove (Kihei, Maui)

The waves in The Cove are smaller and soft—perfect for amateurs. You do not have to worry about falling as you learn to control and maneuver your board due to the sandy bottom. It is best to go here during the summer.

Pu’ena Point ( Hale’iwa Oahu, North Shore)

If you are looking for a place to ride extra-playful waves, this spot is for you. The waves can be larger (and longer) than the usual breaks for beginners but it is very safe and easy to navigate. Here, you can push your skills an extra step as you ride farther out to take on longer, bigger and stronger waves. Make sure to visit Pu’ena Point during the winter.

The Philippines

Jacking Horse, Siargao

Most people would want to go straight for Cloud 9 in Siargao, which is a popular spot for advanced surfers (and even non-surfers!) to visit. But for you who need to learn how to balance, control, and maneuver on the surfing board first, Jacking Horse is the ideal place to go where you can ride the “jacking waves”. Surf the waves during the high for more playful waves! The surfing season on the island is from September to May.

Guiuan, Eastern Samar

Even though this place also tracts intermediate to advanced surfers, beginners can ride the waves along the pristine long stretch of sandy beach. The best time to surf in Guiuan is from November to March.

Sabang Beach, Baler Aurora

This surfing spot is popular for local surfers, where you can ride small swells and soft waves. Baler is a very accessible place with only a couple of hours from Manila. If you already consider yourself as an intermediate surfer, you can try Charlie’s Point for medium-sized breaks. You can surf here all-year-round!


Santa Monica Pier, California

Zuma Beach, Malibu

Beginners can have fun surfing on the clear waters of Zuma Beach. You just have to be careful with rip currents. The best time to go is during the summer! You can even bring non-surfer friends with you to just relax or play frisbee on the sandy beach. Professionals visit this spot so you can enjoy and learn while watching high-level surfing.

Cowell’s, Santa Cruz

Cowell’s is one of the most popular spots for beginner surfers in California. The place is a cove that is well protected from strong winds, so you can ride the soft, gently waves on calm waters on your longboard without worries.

For beginner surfing in California, summertime is recommended.


Tulland Strand, Bundoran, Co Donegal

Are you looking for a place to surf beach breaks with a lesser crowd? Tulland Strand is a long stretch of golden sand where you can ride both fast and mellow waves. The beach is also lined with abundant surf schools.

Inch Strand, Co Kerry

Just like Tulland Strand, the Inch Strand is a far stretch of sand up to the Dingle Peninsula. This is where you can find the longest stretch of reef breaks in Europe.

The Atlantic Ocean provides the perfect surfing swells throughout the year. As a beginner, you can look out for low-mid tides and if you do not mind the cold waters.

When choosing the ultimate surfing camp spot or destination, it all comes down to your preferences, and where you think you can maximize the pleasure of surfing for the first time.

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Most of the surf trip destinations available online are hard to categorize whether they are appropriate for those who have just realized their interest in surfing. If you are a beginner, it is important to make sure that you know…