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Content Creation & Brand Promotion

Want to reach out to your relevant audience without spending a fortune and breaking a sweat?

Our content creation and brand promotion services let you do that by helping you tap into a target surfer audience that can help you grow and get more sales than ever before.

Social Media Growth

Over these years, we’ve devised a unique process that allows us to grow social media accounts organically while keeping the followers engaged.

Whether you need assistance with Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or any other platform, our experts have social media advertising on their fingertips. We help you increase your social media following by getting you in front of your ideal audience and take your brand to new heights.

Viral Giveaway

This is where we leverage our cutting-edge software to organize viral giveaways minus the scammy and pushy vibes.

It works wonders by creating an army of small influencers that get to leverage their personal invite link to bring forth friends who might be interested in the giveaway.

As a result, you get a done-for-you giveaway that actually gains traction without you ever having to spend a dime.

"Marketing has always been about the same thing - who your customers are and where they are." 

Noah Kagan

"The competition went very well. The software used works brilliantly and we were able to cultivate a good emailing list for future use. The added bonus that we did not expect was the growth to our Facebook page. We also saw an influx of orders immediately after the giveaway. I would definitely recommend Surf & Discover as a giveaway partner, there’s a lot of knowledge that they passed into us!" 

Andrew Pfaff - CEO Conu Surfboards

Give Yourself the Surf & Discover Advantage

We Make Your Business Catch the Endless Wave of More Engagement, Sales, and Reach…

Like to talk about getting more new customers and disrupting the surfing industry? If yes, you'd love us! We're industry experts who only know three things: To get more business, more customers, and more exposure.

Own A Business Dedicated Towards Serving Surfers?
Leverage the 5 Million Surfers We Connect With  Every Month!

Yes! You’ve heard it…we’re niche experts who know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to lead and business generation in the surfing niche.  

We reach more than 5 million surfers through all of our media every single month! Imagine this being yours!

You Want:

✔More Customers

✔More Leads

✔More Engagement

How? You wonder…as your competitor takes away all the limelight (and the customers) while you sit scratching your head on how to find an audience that's interested in surfing and your brand. Well, that needs to STOP!

We bring you tailored social media marketing services that help you step beyond the ordinary and give your competitors a run for their money!

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