Living the Surfing Lifestyle


People often view the surfing lifestyle as something that involves a lot of time under the sun and riding the waves. Though this is true, surfing as a lifestyle is more than getting on a surfboard. It is also about essential life lessons, relationships, principles, and character of a person.

Surf Culture and Lifestyle: What is it?

The elements of surfing as a culture involves fashion, people, language, and lifestyle that revolves around surfing. We can trace back its history from the ancient Polynesians. Modern surfing has undergone a major evolution during the early 20th century, which started in California and Hawaii. As the sport became popular, its influence made changes in fashion, art, film, and music. Today, surfing has become popular all over the world as the number of people becoming interested in it steadily increases.

Surfing and beach life are largely connected in many ways as the sport can be limited to a coastline with a stretch of beaches.

Where will you live if you want to embrace this kind of lifestyle?

Most surfers live near the coastline to make sure that the ocean water is easily accessible. You might also want to consider relocating to cities or towns which are situated near the beach, or even on an island.

However, being a surfer does not mean that you have to stay in one place. In fact, expert surfers travel and move a lot. This is because they are in constant search of the perfect wave. They travel all over the world to catch big waves, which are always changing depending on the season and weather.

You do not have to quit working altogether just to lay on the beach and observe the waves. Even though surfers live a frugal life, you still need a decent amount of money to survive. Still, it is all up to you on how you want to do it and nobody can stop you from doing what you want.

If you have decided to get into the surfing lifestyle, here are some of the significant points to know how to live it and what to expect when you become a surfer.

You should learn the language of the ocean and get to know nature. Being a surfer means you need to be knowledgeable about the ocean and nature as a whole. You need to learn how to read the climate, the factors that affect the ocean waves, and the process in which surfer waves, both big and small, are created.

You should learn how to read surfing forecasts if you want to step up your game. Moreover, reading books about surfing and watching how other surfers inspire others will help you understand the deeper meaning of surfing as a lifestyle.

You should understand that there is more to surfing than only riding the waves for fun. This activity includes being with people from all walks of life who are passionate about surfing. They say that surfers share something profound. That is the feeling of deep enjoyment and excitement when chasing and riding the waves. This sentiment is good for the soul and spirit. When you experience that, you can fully embrace the surfer lifestyle and understand what it truly means.

There are many kinds of surfers and it is up to you where you categorize yourself. You can be a weekend surfer where you can relax with a crowd of holiday goers on the beach and appreciate a simple surfing trip and do not have to show off pro-like skills.

There are also surfers who take surfing as food for the soul and are devoted to this kind of lifestyle. If you want to be a soul surfer, you should be ready to dedicate yourself to become one with the waves you ride and find peace in living the surfing lifestyle.

Surfers who always chase big waves risk their lives to the experience but the sense of fulfillment can be remarkable and one of a kind. If you want to be a professional surfer who joins competitions in riding extreme big waves, both of your mind and body should be ready. Keep your body fit and condition your mind of the danger but this should not stop you from doing what you love.

Keep your values. Being a surfer means you have to pack a lot of patience. Be patient when trying to catch a wave and be patient with yourself when you make mistakes. Conquer your fears. A wipeout always happens but often, you can get back up again and try. A setback means another chance to ride a wave.

You should also understand the importance of respect for others. Do not be a greedy surfer and hoard the waves for yourself. Respect other people and respect nature.

Living this kind of lifestyle is not for everyone.

Do you want to be a surfer? Are you ready to embrace the surfing lifestyle?

Winter Surfing Destinations

Even though surfing is an activity that you can do all year round, catching the perfect wave depends on the direction of the wind. Winter season is the perfect time to catch surfing waves as winter storms produce big and reliable waves.

Surfers tend to chase the perfect waves by learning about surfing conditions and forecasts.

Are you worried about being in the water when the temperature is low? Fortunately, a lot of wetsuits in the market nowadays have become more advanced for winter usage. Surfing in cold waters has become manageable. It will not spoil the fun.

Are you ready for the ultimate winter surfing trip?

Here is the list of places you can go surfing during the wintertime.



Morocco is one of the best places to go when looking for a surfing destination during the summer. The best time of the year is between December and March. This has become a top spot for both beginner and expert surfers, especially if you are coming from Europe. During the winter, the temperature of the water will go down at around 18 degrees Celsius.

The winter season produces swells and waves that are excellent for surfing in Morocco. If you are looking for big wild waves, you can surf at Boilers, Killer Point, Anchor Point, and Imsouane. For novices, there are various surf camps located at Agadir and Taghazout. Meanwhile, Tamraght is perfect for surfers from beginners to advanced levels.

In Morroco, you a combination of big waves and mild weather. Perfect, isn’t it?



Portugal took its place as one of the top winter surfing destinations in Europe. Even though you can enjoy surfing there all year round, you can catch bigger and unruly waves from October to April. The Algarve, which is a long stretch of Atlantic beaches, will give you enough surfing spots to choose from depending on your level.

In December, the water temperature is as low as 14 degrees Celsius. Make sure to bring your wetsuits with you!

Head to Nazare (where the world’s biggest wave was recorded) if you want to try and witness absolute extreme surfing.

Portugal can never disappoint you. Big swells during the winter hit the coastline. For intermediate surfers, you can find protected and flat bays on the south coast. Even though the air is called, you can still get the summer beach vibe, in addition to spectacular sunsets and friendly crowd.

Canary Islands

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are considered the Hawaii of Europe. These are volcanic islands where swells from the North Atlantic Ocean hits, generating excellent reef breaks.

Fuerteventura is your top choice during the winter (December). You can also get good weather with the sun shining as you surf on its royal blue waters. For advanced surfers, Playa Cotillo, Bubble, or Acid Drop for bigger waves.



During the winter, big waves in California are consistent, especially when there are storms that hit the coast.

Where to winter surf in California? Black’s Beach can be your top choice. Make sure to go straight to the southern edge of this two-mile beach.

In northern California, the temperature ranges from 48 to 54 degrees so do not forget to bring a 5mm wetsuit.

If Southern California is your choice, the temperature in the ocean during the winter season can also range from 52 – 58 degrees, between December and February. The good thing about California is that this place offers a bit of everything—reef breaks and beach breaks.

Winter and Fall are also the best seasons to surf in Central California.

For an extreme surfing adventure, head over to Mavericks, if you are willing to push your limits.



Mexico has a long stretch of coastline facing the South Pacific Ocean.

In Todos Santos Island, which is only accessible by boat, you can catch waves that are as high as 50 feet, hence called “The Killers”.

Baja, Mexico should also be included on your list. Its northern part is colder so you will need thicker wetsuits and gloves. One advantage of surfing in Northern Baja is the light crowd. Be aware of the rocky bottom when surfing its cold waters. Todos Santos Island is located in the Northern part of Baja.



Bring your trusty wetsuits with you and head over to Australia for a remarkable Aussie winter surfing. The cold weather is also a reason to avoid big crowds, which can give you more chances to catch the perfect wave. Winter swells in Australia are much more reliable and frequent.

Some of the best places to surf in Australia during the winter season are the Byron Bay, Northern Beaches in Sydney, and Black Rock. Water temperature ranges from 19 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Surfing during the winter should not frighten you. Just don’t forget to bring the appropriate wetsuit, gloves, footwear, and some hoodies and you are good to go.

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