About us


About Us

Our Aim

Our goal is to provide every single visitor with all the information about surfing that a surfer will need. Our deep passion for surfing and photography is what purely lead us to create such an amazing platform where every surfer could get a more personalized experience on how to boost his surfing experience, surfing skills and get to learn more about the best surfing spots in the world.

Since 2015, we have been working endlessly on our blog and community. Today, we are part of a growing community that seems to be getting bigger by the passing day.

Meet our team

The team at Surf Discover is made up of only the most experienced and talented professionals with a burning passion for surfing.

  • Bart – The director of the team who first started blogging in 2009. He specializes in SEO & Social Media Marketing, and is also very passionate about photography. Surf Discover was the result of his 2 core passions (Surfing & Digital Marketing).
  • Shaan– Social Media Manager – Shaan is the person responsible for the growth of our massive social media platform. Thanks to him, we managed to reach more than 5 million surfers every single month!
  • Laura – Copywriter – Laura handles all the content on our website, which makes her a really crucial member of the team. She is also responsible for all the emails to our email subscribers.

Meet the Surf Discover Network

Today, we stand proud to represent our whole community comprises of +80k Instagram followers, 44k+ Facebook followers, 1.5k+ Email subscribers, as well as 5,000,000+ Organic Impressions every single month.

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We even offer solutions for companies looking to work together, through the variety of services that we provide (more details on the services page). If you’re a company in the surfing niche or want to attract surfers to your surfing location, surf camp or surf hotel, we highly encourage you to give us a try, as there is nothing to lose and a whole lot to explore!